UK managerialism ushers new era of misery


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IEA quoted in the Daily Telegraph

Government and Institutions

Adam Bartha quoted in Expresso

Mark Littlewood writes for the Sunday Times

IEA’s Director General, Mark Littlewood, has written for the Sunday Times fearing that the UK’s high tax, low growth economic model is making us all poorer.

Mark Littlewood wrote:

“Yet for all the woes of recent years, including the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, the core root of our difficulties is very much home-grown.

“We have eschewed any form of long-term economic strategy to make us truly resilient and apparently are locked in a policymaking cycle of tackling each individual problem with some new government programme or regulatory intervention. 

“For 15 years, we essentially have cloaked the true scale of our problems through excessive money-printing and cheap credit: spend today to try to keep the show on the road and worry about the consequences tomorrow. It looks like tomorrow has arrived.”

You can read the full article here.