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UK-Japan trade deal will ‘create jobs’ and drive down prices for consumers, says IEA expert

Responding to the news that the UK has signed a Free Trade Agreement with Japan, IEA Academic and Research Director Professor Syed Kamall said: 

“Not only does the UK-Japan trade deal offer new opportunities for UK firms to sell more British products and services to Japanese consumers, thereby sustaining and creating jobs, it also makes quality Japanese food and products more affordable for British families.

“As part of the EU, UK firms were often disadvantaged by the fact that the European Commission did not place a priority on negotiating digital and financial services in trade agreements. One of the advantages of the UK having an independent trade policy is that it can now negotiate to tear down trade barriers, benefiting both British exporting firms as well as British consumers.”


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Professor Syed Kamall is available for interview and further comment.

For further reading on post-pandemic prospects for global trade, read IEA report ‘Freight Expectations’ here.

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