Uber’s competitors are no longer in a cushy position and will need to get used to it



Professor Len Shackleton quoted in the Yorkshire Post

Economic Theory

Kristian Niemietz writes for City AM

After operating on short-term “emergency licences” for two years, Uber has been given a “proper” licence to operate in London again, after winning a crucial appeals case.

In an article for City AM, IEA’s Head of Political Economy Dr Kristian Niemietz argues that the fact Uber won its appeal “does not mean that the company has done nothing wrong, or that it was all just a politically motivated show trial”.

Kristian notes that while the temporary nature of the licence reflects real security concerns that Uber hopefully will put in order over the next few months, Ubers competitors will have to “get used to the fact that the cosy, protected market of yore is not going to come back.”

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