Lifestyle Economics

Two drink per week recommendation ‘the most extreme yet’

Christopher Snowdon quoted in The Mail

IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon has been quoted in The Daily Mail responding to new guidance by Health Canada warning people to limit their alcohol consumption to two drinks per week.

Christopher said:

“Activist academics in the public health lobby have been gradually reducing the drinking guidelines in many countries, including the UK.

“By fiddling the figures and ignoring well established benefits of moderate drinking’, [the CSSA aims to] cut the guidelines to zero,

“They will then claim that there is “no safe level” of drinking and demand that alcohol be regulated like tobacco.

“The Canadian government will make itself an international laughing stock if it starts telling people that they could die from having three drinks a week. 

“All the evidence shows that people who have one or two drinks a day live longer, on average, than those who drink nothing. 

“The Canadian public are not stupid. They can see there is something fishy about advice that changes so dramatically overnight.”

The full article can be read here.

Christopher also made an appearance on GB News to discuss the new guidance, which can be viewed here (1:24:40).