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Truss must be wary of over-policing expression

Marc Glendening writes to The Telegraph

Marc Glendening, IEA Head of Cultural Affairs, has written to The Telegraph condemning Liz Truss’ plans to outlaw catcalling as advancing the ‘woke’ agenda and compromising freedom.

In a letter to the editor, Marc writes:

“Allister Heath writes that Liz Truss wishes to defy the “groupthink” of the “Left-wing cultural elite” (Comment, July 28), yet in the same edition you report that she is planning to create a new range of criminal offences to outlaw leering, sexual propositioning and wolf-whistling. 

In doing so, she is planning to advance the woke, New Left agenda of establishing ever more control over how we communicate and conduct ourselves, even when absolutely no direct, physical coercion is involved. Ms Truss is planning to make the old feminist slogan of the “personal is the political” a sad reality. 

As with the Government’s Online Safety Bill, contemporary Conservatives, with the honourable exception of Kemi Badenoch, are now indistinguishable from the illiberal culture-control Left.”

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