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Treat new alcohol study with “a great deal of scepticism”


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Andy Mayer writes in The Telegraph

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Shanker Singham writes in The Express

Commenting on Association Between Daily Alcohol Intake and Risk of All-Cause Mortality in JAMA Network Open by Zho et al., Christopher Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the IEA, said:

“This is the latest attempt by a tiny group of anti-alcohol academics to create controversy where none should exist. Hundreds of studies over six decades have established the health benefits of moderate drinking.

“Like previous work from the same team, this meta-analysis makes multiple adjustments to other researchers’ studies to mask the protective effect of moderate drinking. It is part of a wider campaign to portray alcohol as a product that cannot be consumed safely and should be regulated like tobacco. Its conclusions should be treated with a great deal of scepticism.”


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