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Time to reign in the state’s size and scope


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IEA research quoted in the Daily Brit

In the Media

Cento Veljanovski writes for City AM

Mark Littlewood quoted in Spears

IEA Director General Mark Littlewood, has been quoted in a Spears article covering the dangers of a huge state underpinned by a high tax economy.

Spears wrote:

“We dive into a conversation about high taxes, unwieldy regulations and underperforming public services – some of the things the IEA rails against in its mission to ‘promote the intellectual case for a free economy’.

“What money the IEA has is used to campaign against what Littlewood views as overreach on the part of the state. He believes that, ‘on some metrics’, society has become less liberal.”

“Meanwhile, tax is ‘bananas at the moment’, as well as ‘complicated and fiddly’. Britain’s tax code is among the most complicated in the world – ‘six times the length of War and Peace’ and the product of ‘endless carve-outs, loopholes, deductions for this, write-offs for that. That tends to undermine confidence in the system.”

You can read the full article here.