Throwing money at the NHS won’t solve its problems


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Christopher Snowdon quoted by Epoch Times

Kristian Niemietz quoted by Epoch Times

IEA Head of Political Economy Kristian Niemietz has been quoted by the Epoch Times in their piece discussing why extra NHS funding will fail to generate public health benefits.

The Epoch Times wrote:

“Dr. Kristian Niemietz, head of health and welfare at the think tank Institute of Economic Affairs, told The Epoch Times that in principle the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan is ‘not a bad thing in an ageing society that you have more people working in the healthcare sector.’

“Dr. Niemietz has criticised Britain’s health service, in that it could be significantly improved by adopting successful alternative systems that have proven effective in other countries, but a cult-like grip prevents any meaningful debate on the matter. 

“The problem with it is that this is a form of central planning, that you have this monolithic employer which is almost synonymous with the healthcare system as a whole. And where you have essentially a bunch of bureaucrats working out we need 12 percent more in this sector, 14 percent more in that sector, it’s a bit like a five-year plan in the Soviet Union, 

“If we have such terrible outcomes as we have now with the current level of spending, I’m not convinced that just throwing lots and lots more money into the system is going to lead to sufficient improvements and justify those additional costs.”

You can read the full article here