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Thought crime hypocrisy


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Matthew Lesh writes in The Express

In the Media

Christopher Snowdon writes in The Critic

Marc Glendening writes in The Critic

IEA Head of Cultural Affairs Marc Glendening has written in The Critic discussing Stella Creasy’s view that hate crime laws should be expanded to cover misogyny, while also – rightly – complaining about a visit from the Police after an online troll reported her to social services because of her political opinions.

Marc wrote:

“Is Labour MP Stella Creasy something of a philosophical hypocrite? She has recently, and rightly, complained about the police feeling her collar concerning her suitability to be a mother. This followed a demand by a troll using the name “Lance Jones” demanding her children be taken into care.

“However, what sticks in the craw for me about this bizarre story, too typical of our febrile times, is that Stella Creasy has been presented as some sort of martyr. Remember, this is the same person using her influence to try and have men given aggravated criminal sentences for adhering to and expressing beliefs she judges to be “misogynistic” — in other words, guilty of a thought crime.

“She wants the whole principle of the rule of law, whereby individuals are treated equally in relation to sentencing, thrown out of the window for perpetrators of crimes who are thought to be motivated by attitudes she disapproves of. The Crown Prosecution Service and police define a hate crime as “any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice” with regard to the highly selective and long list of protected characteristics which Creasy wants to see sex added to.

“This insane formula has thus introduced into the UK criminal justice system the irrational postmodernist assertion that “truth” resides in the feelings and intuitions of those defined as being members of victim categories. It is a recipe for a highly authoritarian state of affairs which privileges some groups and discriminates against others. It is all part of the contemporary left’s desire to see a post-individualistic society.”

Read Marc’s full piece here.