Tax and Fiscal Policy

There has been a shift in Britain towards a larger, more powerful state


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Emma Revell writes for The Telegraph

Housing and Planning

Julian Jessop quoted in City AM

Mark Littlewood writes for The Telegraph

IEA Director General Mark Littlewood has penned an op-ed in The Telegraph ahead of the Spring Budget. Littlewood addresses the speculations that the Chancellor will not cut taxes or repeal unnecessary regulations to kick-start the UK’s economic recovery. Mark Littlewood argues that the UK is already buckling under a high tax burden- the highest in seventy years according to the TaxPayers’ Alliance- and needs tax cuts to help the UK recover from Covid.

Littlewood calls for renewed faith in free markets and pro-growth policies but warns that: “It may well be the case that those who wish to put forward the case for a smaller state, lower taxes and less regulation will need to spend the next few years observing and commenting on the failures of big state socialism rather than celebrating the successes of free market capitalism”.

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