2 thoughts on “The Prime Minister’s letter is measured & conciliatory – perhaps too much so”

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    Absolutely right. The justification is being couched far too defensively, and in doing so it loses sight of the true objectives, and the opportunities that go with them. Well said IEA!

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    I agree – the negotiating stance of the government is far too soft. We should adopt WTO rules and have zero tariffs thus lowering the prices of goods to all consumers and making our economy more competitive.

    To have a look at the positives of WTO rules and how they will benefit the UK have a look here: https://www.economistsforfreetrade.com/

    Please look at the above site and educate yourselves as it appears to me that the majority of our, so called, elected representatives are either totally stupid or have a hidden agenda – either way they are not representing you or protecting the future prosperity of the UK.

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