The new PM must focus on deregulation


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IEA Research discussed in The Telegraph

In the Media

Julian Jessop quoted in The Telegraph

James Forder writes for The Times

IEA Academic and Research Director James Forder has written for The Times on the damaging consequences of misconceived government interventions for private property, free expression and innovation.

In particular, James critiques government plans to create an independent football regulator and calls on the next Prime Minister to abandon these planned interventions.

“Industries have been subjected to specific regulators when they raise specific problems. But in football, there are no issues of public health or monopoly power or a threat to the financial system. For the government to involve itself in the running of this staggeringly successful industry is a whole new departure in state control.”

“All told, there is a regulatory hubris that demeans the free society and shows no sign of having learnt any lesson from the failures of the past.”

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