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The new Met Commissioner must refocus the priorities of their institution

Emily Carver writes for Conservative Home

Emily Carver, IEA Head of Media, has written for Conservative Home on the resignation of Met Commissioner, Cressida Dick, and the need for her replacement to prioritise spearheading crime over further investment into failing diversity and inclusion schemes.


“Accusations of prejudice must be taken seriously but we must also be wary of a culture that leads to more emphasis being placed on diversity and inclusion than tackling crime, what the police are fundamentally there to do.”

Emily also comments on London Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s, encouragement of the Met’s misaligned concerns.

 “you’re more likely to hear the mayor grandstanding on matters such as climate change, mask wearing, and foreign policy than you are to see him acknowledge any responsibility for crime on the streets of London – despite the fact he is the Police and Crime Commissioner for London.”

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