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The Guardian reference IEA trade research after £1bn UK-India investment deal

IEA research features in The Guardian

The UK and India have have agreed a new deal for trade and investment worth £1bn ahead of Boris Johnson’s virtual meeting with Narendra Modi on the 4th May.

The Guardian covered the story, referencing IEA research on the future of UK-India trade by IEA Trade Fellow Shanker Singham.

The article explained: “According to Shanker Singham, trade fellow at the free market Institute of Economic Affairs thinktank, it’s relatively easy to see what the two countries would want out of an agreement. For Britain, the wins would be improved access for finance and legal services firms, together with lower duties on Scotch whisky”.

Read the full article here.

Read IEA research paper, ‘Eastern Promise: Assessing the Future of UK-India Tradehere.