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The emerging illiberal conservatism


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Christopher Snowdon writes in Spiked

In the Media

Mark Littlewood quoted in The Express

Stephen Davies writes in The Telegraph

IEA Head of Education Stephen Davies has written in The Telegraph on the rise of illiberal ideologies like national conservatism on the Right and the decreasing influence of liberalism.

Stephen wrote:

“Politics is realigning around a different set of issues, to do with identity and particularly the divide between nationalism (and the power of national electorates) and supranational cosmopolitanism (and the rule of trans-national laws and agreements). Another emerging issue is divisions over the implications of new technologies and environmental questions. In this new world, conservatism is increasingly defined as being support of national identity and sovereignty against supranational globalism, along with scepticism about global capitalism and free movement of labour, goods, and capital, with a revival of mercantilist economics (such as industrial policy). The other element is one of asserting traditional identities against the challenges of new technologies and the body of radical left-liberal ideas commonly labelled as ‘woke’.

“With the realignment, free markets plus nationalism is no longer the core of a winning coalition. The nationalism and anti-woke message puts off (largely Southern) voters who combine economic and social liberalism. Free-market economics deters (mainly Northern) voters who combine left economics with nationalism and cultural traditionalism. The core vote is now less than 30 per cent of voters and only about 20 per cent at most are fully behind the free market economic aspect.”

Read Stephen’s full piece here.