Tax and Fiscal Policy

The Conservative Party has turned it’s back on low tax and fiscal responsibility


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Emma Revell writes for The Telegraph

Mark Littlewood writes for The Telegraph

In an op-ed for The Telegraph, IEA Director General, Mark Littlewood, has written about the Conservative Party’s shift towards big state interventionism  as opposed to faith in low tax and free market solutions.  Mark believes this will spell electoral disaster for the party as it has let down millions of voters who wanted the UK to become an enterprise friendly, low tax country.

Mark argued: “In a year’s time, Brexit and vaccines will be memories, not policy positions. The Conservatives’ basic offer of a high tax, high spend, heavily regulated economy is what will remain. The millions of voters who wanted a buccaneering, enterprising and liberated post-pandemic, post-Brexit Britain will feel not just disappointed, but politically homeless“.

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