Supply-side reform is necessary to tackle the cost of living crisis

Sam Collins writes for ConservativeHome

Sam Collins, Senior Adviser to the Director General at the IEA, has written for ConservativeHome on how deregulation can help tackle the cost of living crisis.

This is in light of new IEA research, edited by IEA Head of Public Policy Matthew Lesh and Head of Political Economy Kristian Niemietz, which proposes that deregulation across six different sectors can lift the burden off of struggling households.

Commenting on the need for supply-side reform, Sam writes:

“If you were to look at a graph of price variations over the past twenty years, the biggest increases are in highly-regulated sectors like housing, energy, and childcare.”

“Neither a Prime Minister Truss nor a Prime Minister Sunak will be able to overcome the food and energy inflation caused by the Ukraine war or China’s disastrous Zero Covid policy.

But if the next prime minister is to put our country on the best track possible, not to mention put the Conservative Party on a path to winning the next General Election, they must be willing to overcome the current government’s timidity and enact supply-side reforms to cut the cost of living.”

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