State intervention in the lives of GPs is illiberal and will not solve shortages

Annabel Denham writes for The Spectator

Annabel Denham, the IEA’s Director of Communications, has written for the Spectator about proposed plans to force GPs to work in more deprived areas in an effort to resolve shortages.

The plan, recommended by the Social Market Foundation, would ensure that GPs are not allowed to work in ‘over-doctored’ areas and instead would be directed to locations in greater need of GPs.

As Annabel points out, however, not only would this be a gross invasion on the part of the state, but would also be ineffective in encouraging GPs to work in areas experiencing shortages.

“a doctor would decide instead to work overseas. Or change specialty. Or pursue a different career entirely. Tory politicians who claim to believe in free markets while disregarding the law of unintended consequences are either fooling us – or themselves.”

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