Save the NHS by making the wealthy pay

Mark Littlewood writes for The Times

IEA Director General Mark Littlewood has written for The Times arguing that, far from being immoral, making the wealthy pay for private healthcare is both desirable and necessary.

Lamenting the NHS’ healthcare outcomes, Mark wrote:

“The financial inputs may be high, but the health outcomes have been truly dismal, even before the pandemic. If we could match Germany’s record on cancer treatment, we could expect to save 12,000 British lives every year. If we could match their treatment of strokes, we could save a further 5,000 annually.”

Mark then argued:

“The issue at stake is not that the affluent can secure an enhanced package of healthcare, it is how to ensure that those without such means can still access high-quality medical assistance. By and large, at present, the NHS is failing to provide such a service.

“To reduce these absurd, dangerous waiting times, those with the means to do so should be encouraged to exit the queue. In many areas of government spending, we are told by politicians of all stripes that those with the broadest shoulders should expect to carry the largest burden. Only in the case of healthcare do we seem to positively encourage those with broad shoulders to add to the burden of the system.”

Mark’s full piece can be read here.