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Commenting on the Queen’s Speech, Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“The Government’s action doesn’t match up to their rhetoric. While the Queen’s speech promised fiscal responsibility, the Government’s track record to close the budget deficit is woeful. And talk of delivering hugely expensive projects like HS2 somewhat jars with this promise – public spending should be reduced where possible, not spent on vanity projects that make no economic sense.

“There is also cause for concern about certain manifesto promises that were not included. But further state interventions in labour and energy markets, including a price cap, are still in play and would do more harm than good to both businesses and consumers.

“The focus on preparations for Brexit is welcome and at least the Queen’s speech has promised to press ahead with consulting on the much-needed reforms of social care. This is vital to correct intergenerational inequality and mitigate a huge risk to future taxpayers.”

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