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Policymakers should avoid kill or cure interest hikes


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Len Shackleton quoted in iNews


Chris Snowdon writes for CapX

Len Shackleton quoted by Business Link

IEA Editorial and Research Fellow Len Shackleton has been quoted by Business Link explaining how there is no need for additional interest rate hikes to depress prices. 

Business Link quoted:

“If last month’s 8.7 per cent annual increase in the CPI was unexpectedly high, this month’s 7.9 per cent is a shade lower than expected. This is mirrored in other indicators such as CPIH and core CPI.

“Since these figures were tallied, Russia has ended a deal to allow grain exports from Ukraine, which will likely push up global and UK food prices. Mortgage rates have also gone up. Nevertheless, since the extraordinary increases in the money supply that ultimately fuel inflation have ended, inflation is set to fall further.

“Rishi Sunak’s pledge to halve inflation by the end of the year may still be optimistic, but at least there are no grounds for the Bank of England to raise interest rates further. Nor are there any grounds for panic measures to hold down prices artificially, such as Grant Shapps’ silly initiative to curb supermarket petrol prices.”

You can read the full article here.