Julian Jessop comments for The Telegraph

Julian Jessop, IEA Economics Fellow, has commented in The Telegraph on the causes of the UK's current spike in inflation, which is predicted to pass 7pc in April. “The common factor across the world is there's been an explosion in the amount of cheap money. And if you keep pumping cheap money into an economy ... Continue reading

IEA referenced in The Telegraph

The IEA's Shadow Monetary Policy Committee has been referenced in The Telegraph by Tim Congdon, who is a member of the group. Tim wrote about the Bank of England's forecast that May will see "the worst inflation news in 25 years", and argued that supply chain issues may not be entirely to blame. He quoted ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood comments for iNews

Mark Littlewood, IEA Director General, has commented in iNews on claims that Chancellor Rishi Sunak is prioritising short-term financial solutions over longer-term plans for economic growth. Mark argued that politicians should pay closer attention to GDP and work towards economic growth, he claimed that many regard GDP as “an act of God, something that happens ... Continue reading

Julian Jessop comments for the Mail

Julian Jessop, IEA Economics Fellow, has commented in the Daily Mail on the action that central banks must take to keep inflation low. With inflation in the UK having reached 5.1%, the Bank of England is due to announce whether it will raise interest rates in an attempt to lower inflation. Regarding officials at the ... Continue reading
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Julian Jessop comments for the Express

Julian Jessop, IEA Economics Fellow, has given his thoughts on recent statistics released by the ONS, showing that retail sales have increased by 0.8% in the month of October. Online retail sales however, were down, suggesting a rush to the high street in the build up to Christmas. Julian argued that despite this seeming positivity, ... Continue reading

Julian Jessop quoted in The Telegraph

Julian Jessop, Economics Fellow at the IEA, has been quoted in a Telegraph article on the close ties between Whitehall and the Bank of England. Following the Bank's decision to hold interest rates, questions have been raised over whether the Monetary Policy Committee, the interest-rate decision makers, have too cosy a relationship with the Treasury. ... Continue reading

Julian Jessop quoted by the Daily Express

Julian Jessop, Economics fellow at the IEA, has commented on Huw Pill's prediction that, due to labour shortages and rising prices, inflation could reach 5 per cent by early 2022. Julian said that the Bank of England's reassurances that normality will resume next year are "complacent", and that interest rates may rise going forward as ... Continue reading
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Earlier this month inflation hit 3.2%, up from 2.1% in the 12 months to July. The jump is the largest since the current measurement series began in 2006. The Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, has been eager to allay investor fears arguing the rise is only temporary, while dispelling concerns that rising ... Continue reading
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Julian Jessop quoted in The Telegraph

The Bank of England (BoE) has decided not to rein in it's QE programme and has maintained the current interest rate level despite concerns over rising inflation. Commenting on the BoE's Monetary Policy Committee decision, IEA Economics Fellow, Julian Jessop was quoted in The Telegraph saying: "A prolonged period of above-target inflation would add to ... Continue reading
Commenting on the Bank of England's decision to continue its policy of quantitative easing, Julian Jessop, Economics Fellow at free market think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), said: "The Bank of England’s decision to maintain its existing programme of money printing means that it is keeping the foot on the accelerator despite mounting ... Continue reading