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Outlawing populism will not solve Europe’s problems



Julian Jessop quoted by ExecReview


Julian Jessop quoted by the Express

Sam Collins writes for The Telegraph

IEA Senior Policy Advisor Sam Collins has written for The Telegraph on populism and how banning these movements won’t solve the underlying problems which cause them.

Sam wrote:

“Populism is on the march across Europe. Fifty years ago, according to the “Who Governs Europe” project, 13 per cent of voters on average cast a ballot for an “anti-establishment” party in Western Europe. By 2021, this was 24 per cent.

“Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering historical connotations, an argument has broken out within mainstream German political parties to determine whether the AfD should be banned. The argument seems reasonable, even to someone of a liberal viewpoint. Why offer freedom of speech to those who, should they gain power, would likely restrict the freedoms of others?

“But there is one further step that is required to solve the problem of populist and far-right parties. The political establishment has to engage with the concerns of voters. If they do not, they can end up with some very unpleasant consequences.”

You can read the full article here.