Lifestyle Economics

No evidence behind the NHS’ gambling panic

Christopher Snowdon writes for The Critic

Writing in The Critic, IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics, Christopher Snowdon, has criticised comments by NHS Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard warning about rising problem gambling.

Christopher wrote:

“She [Amanda Prichard] announced that seven new gambling clinics will be opened to meet a ‘really significant increase in demand’ for the treatment of problem gambling.

“What undermines her argument is the fact that rates of problem gambling have not risen since people started gambling on their phones.

“The blithe assertion that the rise of online gambling has ‘unsurprisingly’ led to an increase in problem gambling has no basis in fact.

“The rise in referrals is not due to record demand. It is due to record supply. Having opened several new clinics, it would be disappointing if more people weren’t using them.”

You can read Christopher’s full piece here.