NHS in dire need of ‘system-level reform’ post-Covid

Responding to the NHS Confederation’s latest report titled ‘NHS Reset’ on the need for reform post-pandemic, Dr Kristian Niemietz, IEA Head of Political Economy and author of ‘Universal Healthcare Without The NHS’, said:

“The fact that the NHS Confederation is concerned about the health service’s inability to deliver at pre-Covid levels by October shows the need for system-level reform.

“The NHS is likely to have underperformed compared to the health systems of other developed countries: we had the second-highest excess death rate in Western Europe (after Spain). In some of our neighbour countries, things are already more or less back to normal, healthcare-wise. Here, in contrast, we’re still struggling with clearing up the backlog.

“Rather than deluding ourselves about how wonderful the NHS is (it is not), we should take this as an opportunity to learn from best practice across the globe to ensure the UK that can meet demand in normal times and adapt quickly in the face of unforeseen events.”


Notes to editors

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