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New workplace legislation ‘mad and sinister’


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Mark Glendening appears on talkTV

IEA Head of Cultural Affairs Marc Glendening has appeared on talkTV to criticise the proposed Worker Protection Bill, which would expose employers to liability for harms done to their workers by third parties, including offensive comments.

Marc said:

“It’s mad in the sense that people who are completely innocent – that is to say, employers who might not even be on the premises at the time somebody overhears an offensive comment or when someone is assaulted by a drunken patron – could then be sued.

“A third party who is innocent and everybody would recognise as innocent, could be held legally liable rather than the person who’s actually committed the act.

“It is sinister because it is part of the desire to establish total state control over what is said, even informally.”

You can watch Marc’s full appearance here (2:08:08).

You can also read Marc’s article in Conservative Home criticising the legislation here.