Government and Institutions

Neutral institutions are being weaponised by the Left

Marc Glendening writes in Conservative Home

IEA Head of Cultural Affairs Marc Glendening has written for Conservative Home arguing that supposedly neutral state institutions like the Police and transport infrastructure are being weaponised by the culture war Left.

Marc wrote:

“Increasingly public sector agencies, including the police, are abandoning the self-denying ordinance necessary for a functioning liberal democracy. They are inflicting upon us – at our expense – politicalised advertising urging us to conform our opinions and behaviour.

“Police Scotland have been distributing bogus letters at train stations addressed ‘Dear Transphobe’, ‘Dear Homophobe’, ‘Dear Bigot’, as well as to other socially undesirable groups of person. What qualifies one to be the rightful recipient of such communications is left open to the imagination. Draconian retribution is then threatened towards the end of the letter.”

Read Marc’s full article here.