Energy and Environment

Net zero ideology is driving government energy policy away from reason

Andy Mayer writes for The Critic

Andy Mayer, IEA Energy, Environment and Infrastructure Analyst, has written an article commenting on the government’s interventionist approach to energy policy.

Andy argues that the government’s net zero agenda is stifling innovation, raising energy costs and creating energy insecurity.

“These simple truths of Net Zero are met with a wall of denial akin to utopian communism that believes the only real problem is that we haven’t been pure enough.”

Andy goes on to highlight the importance of the UK’s reserves of gas in alleviating the current energy crisis and the cost-saving impact that reducing gas imports from the US would have.

“So, we need gas, and will need gas for at least the next 20-30 years, possibly longer. We’re sitting on vast stockpiles of the stuff: the North Sea is far from drained, and domestic shale reserves are waiting to be tested. There is no sensible ecological or scientific objection to either. “Leave it in the ground” is a morally vacuous pose, that in the absence of alternatives leads to endorsing imports.”

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