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Minimum alcohol pricing report ‘a whitewash’


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Julian Jessop quoted in The Express

In the Media

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Christopher Snowdon quoted in The Scottish Express

IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon has been quoted in The Scottish Daily Express criticising a report by Public Health Scotland (PHS) which claimed that the Scottish government’s minimum alcohol unit policy had ‘a positive impact’, despite little evidence that the policy had a significant impact on alcohol consumption among serious alcoholics.

Christopher described the report as a ‘whitewash’, arguing that the report ‘ignores most of the evidence from the government’s own evaluation.’

He further commented:

“Minimum pricing was promoted to politicians based on speculative modelling so it is apt that a speculative model is being used to save it from the sunset clause – but minimum pricing has only ever worked in the imaginations of a handful of academics.

“It has cost Scottish consumers hundreds of millions of pounds and deserves to be ditched.”

Read the full article here.

Christopher was quoted across the Scottish press, with his comments being carried by STV News, The Scotsman, The Daily Record (27/06 – Page 2), The National (27/06 – Page 2), The Inverness Courier, Scottish Local Retailers, and Clyde Radio.