Maths education no silver bullet for economic growth



Mark Littlewood writes in The Times

Commenting on Rishi Sunak’s speech about mandating mathematics education for all students under 18, the IEA’s Director of Public Policy and Communications Matthew Lesh said:

“Extending compulsory maths education is no silver bullet for economic growth. 

“The Soviet Union was world-renowned for maths and science instruction but that failed to translate into a strong economy. Similarly, the UK has some of the top universities in the world yet has experienced stagnant growth for the last decade. Prosperity requires creating the right institutional environment for entrepreneurship, not dictating curriculums from the top.

“Forcing disinterested students into mathematics classes increasingly taught by non-specialist teachers risks lowering the overall quality of instruction. Higher educational standards will require decentralising decisions about curriculums, as has proven effective in Singapore, along with increasing school choice to facilitate more educational competition.”


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