Masking our pupils should be a policy of last resort, not a visceral reaction to public pressure


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Julian Jessop comments for the Daily Express

In the Media

Mark Littlewood comments for the Daily Mail

Emily Carver writes for Conservative Home

Emily Carver, IEA Media Manager, has written her column for Conservative Home on the government’s decision to introduce a mask mandate in schools.

While Emily accepts that the government has acted appropriately in not adopting the stricter policies of the devolved administrations, she argues that this latest mandate amounts to an empty political gesture which threatens the educational development of our children.

“Only in November, Sir Jonathan Van-Tam defended the Government’s decision not to mandate masks in schools. He said they can be “quite inhibitory to the natural expressions of learning in children, involving speech and facial expressions. It’s difficult for children in schools with face masks” “.

“It seems the Government is more interested in being seen “to do something”, even if that means children are scapegoated.”

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