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Left authoritarianism has infiltrated our institutions and threatens liberal democracy


In the Media
In the Media

Mark Littlewood comments for the Daily Express

Marc Glendening writes for CapX

Marc Glendening, IEA Head of Cultural Affairs, has written an article for CapX in which he describes the threats to free society currently plaguing the UK.

Marc argues that an illiberal ideology propagated by those he describes as the ‘Culture Control Left’, has entered institutions such as the Metropolitan Police and is now manifesting itself in selective policing, a practice which undermines the rule of law.

“What we are seeing with the selective enforcement of policing and application of the law in numerous instances is the emergence of a semi-official state ideology, one that is closely aligned to what can be described as the ‘Culture Control Left’ (CCL).”

“As a result, measures designed allegedly to suppress the ultra-Orwellian concept of ‘hate speech’ are applied asymmetrically: it’s OK, quite rightly, to be able to articulate Critical Race Theory, to call for extremely unpleasant things to be directed against Tories, TERFs, the capitalist class, men or Piers Morgan, but if your views are beyond the cultural pale, a different standard of law might be applied.”

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