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Laughing gas ban unlikely to work


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IEA research featured in i news

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In the Media

IEA Research featured in The Times

Christopher Snowdon appears on Times Radio

IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon has appeared on Times Radio to question the proposed ban on Nitrous Oxide possession.

Christopher said:

“The main issue [Rishi Sunak] seems to be bringing up is litter and young people loitering in parks. People are allowed to loiter in parks, that’s more or less what they’re for.

“If there’s an issue with littering, we need to enforce littering laws. We need to, indeed, perhaps enforce the ban on selling [laughing gas] in the first place. That doesn’t seem to have worked, I don’t see much reason to believe that criminalising possession will work.

“I find it rather odd that given that the experts advisory group said there isn’t a sufficient health case for this, that the government is resorting to talking about people loitering in parks.”