Interventionist policies are the reason why Britain is comparably more expensive


Energy and Environment

Andy Mayer quoted in The Express

Economic Theory

Matthew Lesh quoted in the Daily Mail

Kristian Niemietz writes for CapX

Kristian Niemietz, Head of Political Economy, has written for CapX on why the cost of living is often so much cheaper abroad.

He notes the impact of interventionist policies:

“Why do we just treat it as an ‘obvious’ fact of life that living in Britain is much more expensive than living elsewhere? Because there is nothing obvious about this, and it does not have to be that way. 

“In these and many other sectors, variation in costs is largely driven by variation in policy. If housing costs in, for example, Spain are lower than in the UK, then that is because they build a lot more houses than we do.

“We cannot all move abroad, but we should look abroad for inspiration for cost-slashing supply-side reforms, and import the best of those.”

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