IEA research on NHS referenced in The Telegraph


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IEA research cited in The Telegraph

Madeline Grant, Parliamentary Sketch writer for The Telegraph, referenced IEA research on NHS spending by IEA Head of Political Economy Dr Kristian Niemietz. In her article she argued that increasing National Insurance Contributions by 1.25 per cent for the NHS and social care was a risky gamble as there was no correlation between increased health budgets and better health outcomes.

Madeline said: “Any political gain will surely hinge on measurable improvements to health and social care. But in recent years, the old cries of “underfunding” have become increasingly outdated as governments have poured ever-larger sums into the system, with little corresponding improvement. As Dr Kristian Niemietz of the Institute of Economic Affairs noted in a recent report, the NHS now ranks in the upper-middle among OECD countries for total healthcare spending, ahead of such countries as Denmark and the Netherlands, yet remains “consistently below-average in terms of outcomes“.

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