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IEA panel highlights threat to free speech


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Christopher Snowdon writes for The Spectator


IEA/TPA ThinkTent panel featured in The Telegraph

IEA ThinkTent panel featured on BBC News and in The Independent

The IEA’s ThinkTent panel on freedom of speech at Conservative Party Conference has been featured on BBC News. Panellist Graham Linehan was the focus of the article, which read:

“Mr Linehan shared a platform with historian and Daily Telegraph columnist Tim Stanley, academic Matthew Goodwin and Marc Glendinning, head of cultural affairs at the Institute for Economic Affairs think tank.

“The panel argued that free speech in the UK was being shut down by groups of people who were out of touch with the general public’s views and increasingly intolerant of opinions they did not share.

“Mr Linehan claimed there had been a ‘soft ideological coup of nearly all our major institutions – the police, academia and even the NHS’ and it needed to be stopped.”

Read the full article here.

The panel was also referenced in The Independent and The Daily Mail.

You can watch the full discussion on whether the UK is still a safe space for freedom of speech from ThinkTent here.