Government should take responsibility for mounting childcare costs


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Marc Glendening's paper quoted by the Telegraph

In the Media

Matthew Lesh writes for the Telegraph

Reem Ibrahim writes for Conservative Home

IEA Communications Officer Reem Ibrahim has written for Conservative Home on why the government should stop blaming landlords for the declining number of childminders.

Reem wrote:

“Rather than trying to shift responsibility for childcare onto landlords, ministers should be honest about the costs their policies have piled onto families.

“The Government is clutching at straws here. The number of registered childminders has fallen from over 100,000 in the mid-1990s, to less than 30,000 today. Lockdown restrictions accelerated the decline, with many childminders being unable to work in other people’s homes. 

“Furthermore, rather than free (meaning taxpayer-funded) nursery places, the Government should offer vouchers which could be topped up by families.

“This, in combination with relaxing burdensome restrictions on the supply of childcare, would dramatically reduce childcare costs for millions of families.”

You can read the full article here