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Government may be considering another middle class subsidy


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Matthew Lesh quoted in The Telegraph

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Edwin van de Haar writes for The Critic

Andy Mayer quoted in The Independent

IEA Chief Operating Officer and Energy Analyst Andy Mayer has been quoted in The Independent criticising the energy price guarantee as a middle class handout, in reference to proposals to insulate mortgage holders from the effects of high interest rates.

The article said:

“Such a policy could end up helping a lot of relatively well off borrowers. This is not to underestimate their pain. But there are, at the moment, people literally struggling to eat. Is bailing out a banker’s mortgage really what you want to be doing when her cleaner can’t afford breakfast for his kids? A banker who, moreover, has already benefitted from that energy price guarantee, dubbed a ‘middle class tax cut’ by the Institute of Economic Affairs because its biggest beneficiaries were wealthy homeowners with big houses that consume a lot of energy.”

Read the full article here.

Andy’s full criticism of the energy price guarantee can be read here.