Future lockdowns must be ruled out

Jonas Herby and Lars Jonung write in The Telegraph

Jonas Herby and Lars Jonung, co-authors of new research published by the IEA on the impact of lockdowns, have discussed the findings of their work in The Telegraph and argue that lockdown policies must never be repeated.

The co-authors wrote:

“Our systematic meta-analysis of Covid restrictions has found lockdowns saved what translates to an estimated 1,700 to 6,000 lives in England and Wales. By way of context, influenza inflections account for an annual burden of around 20,000 deaths in the two nations.

“We used two different approaches to evaluate the effectiveness of lockdowns in Europe and the United States in the spring of 2020. Our results indicate that lockdowns prevented approximately 3.2 to 10.7 per cent (6,000 to 23,000 Covid-19 deaths in Europe and 4,000 to 16,000 deaths in the US). These results are based on all relevant research studies and are robust when accounting for potential biases. They are further supported by results from natural experiments and several existing reviews on the subject, strengthening their validity.