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Further intervention will not fix our energy crisis


In the Media

Annabel Denham writes for The Spectator

Andy Mayer writes for The Telegraph

Andy Mayer, IEA Chief Operating Officer, has written a piece for The Telegraph in which he criticises the energy price cap and posits that the government’s eco-agenda will only serve to worsen the situation.

Andy argues that such an agenda will result in the Conservatives betraying their red wall constituents, as it is them who will bear the brunt of rising energy prices.

“Boris Johnson has made the problem far worse by treating climate change as the only thing that matters. His eco-activist agenda displays contempt for the Red Wall voters who helped him into Number 10, and who will end up paying for it. Expecting public cheers for leading the world in Glasgow, he is now looking forward to angry jeers as the bills land on mats in April.”

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