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Forcing students to take diversity course amounts to “ideological brainwashing”

Commenting on the University of Kent’s decision to require all students to complete a four-hour diversity course in ‘white privilege’, microaggressions and use of pronouns, Marc Glendening, Head of Cultural Affairs at free market think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“Forcing students to complete a ‘diversity’ course amounts to the type of ideological brainwashing reminiscent of a totalitarian regime.

“Included will be a ‘white privilege quiz’ in which students will be asked to select the alleged benefits white people in Britain enjoy. Those who fail to tick the right number will be obliged to do the quiz again until they get it right.

“This is based upon the fallacious doctrine of ‘critical race theory’, a racist doctrine that attributes to all people who have white pigmentation of skin certain collective attributes and alleged ‘privileges’.

“Given this brainwashing exercise is an insult to the intelligence of those asked to participate, it wouldn’t be surprising if a boycott ensued.”


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