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Christopher Snowdon quoted in The Scottish Daily Express

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Joseph Dinnage writes in The Daily Express

Andy Mayer talkTV

IEA Chief Operating Officer and Energy Analyst Andy Mayer appeared on talkTV to discuss Centrica’s record energy profits.

Andy said:

“When we were talking about this last year, people were predicting that these profits would be even higher because we’d have a cold winter. We didn’t get a cold winter, so if you were the kind of trader who made that kind of bet then, you’d have lost a lot of money.”

Andy also highlighted the specific areas of Centrica’s operations that had driven the increased profits:

“The bit that’s tripled in profit is straightforwardly the bit that’s drilling for oil and gas – and that’s the bit we really need to create security of supply and ensure in the long-term that bills come back down.”

You can see Andy’s full appearance here (1:08:11).