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Christopher Snowdon reacts to MPs e-cigarette report

Responding to the publication of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report on e-cigarettes, Christopher Snowdon of the Institute of Economic Affairs said:

“Let’s hope the government acts on the sensible recommendations in this excellent report. The growth of vaping in Britain has been a fantastic example of how free markets work for the benefit of consumers. Unfortunately, petty EU regulations have set the market back. Getting rid of these laws is the low-hanging fruit of Brexit.
“The British government’s support of safer nicotine products has been rewarded with a sharp decline in smoking, without costing taxpayers a penny. Other countries are looking to us to lead the way because we know what works: light touch regulation, low taxes and a market that encourages innovation.”

Notes to Editors:

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For more on creating a liberal regulatory environment post-Brexit, download Christopher Snowdon’s report Vaping Solutions: An easy Brexit win here.

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