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Drinkers are Not Hurting Taxpayers



Julian Jessop quoted in The Sun & The Express

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Matthew Lesh writes for City AM

Christopher Snowdon quoted in The Drinks Business

IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon has been referenced in an article in The Drinks Business which argues that wine and spirits contributes £76bn to UK economy.

It references Christopher’s criticism of a report from the Institute of Alcohol Studies which claims that alcohol harm costs England £27.4 billion a year. Christopher argued that

The article said:

“It comes as public health groups such as the Institute for Alcohol Studies have claimed that alcohol is ‘costing’ the UK economy £27bn a year. Chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance, professor Sir Ian Gilmore, claimed that the sector ‘overplays its economic contribution while underplaying the massive cost of harm’.

“But as pointed out at the time of the IAS figures by Chris Snowdon, the Institute for Economic Affairs’ head of lifestyle economics, this didn’t include a full cost-benefit analysis of the alcohol trade. Using these latest WSTA figures, it could be deduced that the net-benefit to the UK economy of wine and spirits is £49bn, after factoring-in the IAS data set on the public health impact.”

Read the full article here.

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