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Don’t Pay UK campaign gives false hope to consumers


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Matthew Lesh writes for CapX

Energy and Environment

Andy Mayer quoted in City A.M.

Commentary by Matthew Lesh discussed in ConservativeHome

Commentary by Matthew Lesh, IEA Head of Public Policy, has been discussed in ConservativeHome.

The article deals with the potential dangers of the Don’t Pay UK campaign, which promotes the cancellation of direct debits if energy bills aren’t reduced.

Referencing Matthew’s piece, the article reads:

“Matthew Lesh of the Institute for Economic Affairs had an excellent rundown yesterday of the campaign’s flaws. As well as giving false hope to many vulnerable people, it will lead to boycotters seeing late payment fees, visits from the bailiffs, and even having their energy cut off. By focusing the public’s ire on the energy companies, it also ignores consumers’ ability to contact their suppliers for help.”

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