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Don’t expand authoritarian hate speech laws


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Marc Glendening's paper quoted by the Telegraph

Marc Glendening's research quoted by The Times

New IEA research, Transgender Ideology: A new threat to liberal values has been quoted by The Times in their article exploring the Left’s totalitarian approach to hate speech laws.

The Times wrote:

“A report by the right-wing Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) said prominent cases proved that transgender activists ‘do not aim to win the debate but rather to prevent debate from occurring’.” 

Marc Glendening, author of the think tank’s report, said the widespread endorsement of ‘political transgenderism’ was a threat to liberal values. 

“The freedom of individuals to express opinions on trans issues is under serious threat. This is undermining the ability to have sensible and necessary debates on controversial topics.

“Just as people have a right to affirm whatever sex and gender identity they so choose, in a truly liberal society others must enjoy the equal right to articulate their positions on transgenderism. A philosophical line in the sand needs to be drawn in this regard if the drift towards authoritarianism is to be halted. 

“Glendening, head of cultural affairs at the IEA, concluded that transgender ideology, mixed with ‘new-left thinking’, was ‘effectively a transculturalism’, the desire to forcibly impose an ideologically restructured way of thinking and speaking collectively.”

You can read the full article here. Marc’s paper has also been featured in the Sun and the Daily Mail.