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CPTPP membership ‘a game changer’


In the Media

Shanker Singham writes in The Express

In the Media

Harrison Griffiths appears on GB News

Shanker Singham appears on GB News

IEA International Trade and Competition Fellow Shanker Singham appeared on GB News to discuss the UK’s accession to the CPTPP.

Shanker said:

“For our trading partners and the rest of the world, it’s a huge signal that the UK is willing to take a very different path from the one it’s been taking for the past 14 years.

“This is a highly liberalising agreement, it is regarded by the world as plurilateral – it is a significant group of like minded countries that are committed to open trade and competitive markets and property rights protection.

“The UK has essentially said to the world that we want to interoperate with the rest of the world on the basis of open trade, competition, and mutual recognition as opposed to harmonisation which is the model that we have previously followed.”

Watch the full appearance here (1:13:05).