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COVID rule breaking about ‘more than just cake’



IEA research referenced in Conservative Woman

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Jamie Whyte writes in CapX

Harrison Griffiths writes for

IEA Communications Officer Harrison Griffiths has written in criticising lockdown sceptics who defend Boris Johnson’s lockdown rule breaking.

Harrison wrote:

“[Johnson] made the call to lock us down and deprive us of our most basic rights. He consciously relegated the tremendous economic costs of lockdowns to secondary consideration. He delegated broad political authority to the scientific minds behind the pro-lockdown consensus. Those acts alone are worthy of condemnation, but to simply disregard the rules he imposed on us from the safety of his taxpayer-funded home office, is almost unforgivable.

“Politicians are, like the rest of us, only human. They make mistakes, they break the rules, and we should generally be more accepting of that. But make no mistake, the laws and policies enacted by Boris Johnson’s government did not extend the same grace to us – they threatened us with fines, arrest, and even imprisonment for transgressing them.”

Read Harrison’s full piece here.