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Covid-19 need not blight our youngest generation


Housing and Planning

Mark Littlewood writes for The Times

In the Media

Dr Stephen Davies writes for Reason

Emma Revell writes for City A.M.

The City A.M. Debate page asks “Are the life chances of the Covid-19 generation damaged beyond repair?”.  Emma Revell, Head of Public Affairs at the Institute of Economic Affairs, argues YES.

Emma argues that although the lives of the Covid generation have been damaged, “coronavirus should be the trigger for deregulation of the labour market, making it easier and cheaper for entrepreneurs and businesses to adapt to the new normal and hire the best and brightest”.

Without bold action and a move away from interventionist impulses, Emma warns we risk sleepwalking into policy decisions which condemn them to high government debt, poor job prospects, and a stilted social life.

Read the full piece here.