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Claims that junk food ad bans reduce obesity are based on “shameless junk science”


In the Media
In the Media

Emily Carver writes for ConservativeHome

Christopher Snowdon writes for CapX

Christopher Snowdon, IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics, has written for CapX on the Mayor’s recent claims regarding obesity and junk food ad bans.

Questioning the credibility of research declaring that junk food ad bans on the Tube reduce obesity, Christopher writes:

“The study that arrived at this claim is one of the most shameless pieces of junk science I’ve ever seen published in a journal.”

“Regardless of what you think of this particular policy, it is worrying that public health policy-making has become so divorced from observable reality. Policies are proposed on the basis of modelling, evaluated on the basis of modelling, and the modelling is carried out by advocates of the policy.”

“Activist-academics have created a world of pure imagination and are exploiting the broken peer-review process to drag us all into their land of make believe.”

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